How We Worship


Praising God, praying to God and being attentive to God’s Word, this is what worship at Trinity is about. A worship experience at Trinity may include a moving prelude from the organ, hymns accompanied by a jazz combo, special anthems played by one of our bell choirs or sung by our vocal choirs. You may come on a Sunday when Hearts for Prayz, a small vocal ensemble, or Sounds of Silver, a flute choir. Our preaching ministry seeks to offer a vital, positive and helpful message, faithful to scripture and relevant to ours lives as disciples of Christ.

Trinity offers an eclectic style of worship. Experiencing Sanctuary worship means enjoying fellowship with 2-300 others, hymns accompanied with the Schantz Organ as well as solos and anthems by the Sanctuary Choir. In addition to the above, modern praise songs are also sung.

Sunday School

9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Fellowship Hour

9:45 AM - 10:15 AM

Sanctuary Worship

10:15 AM

Handicapped Accessible
Hearing Aid Assistance Available

Staffed Nursery available on Sunday


Along with other Protestant churches, the United Church of Christ recognizes two sacraments (meaning, acts of the church which are actual channels of God’s grace). We also believe that Jesus has instructed us to do these particular acts of worship.

Trinity invites everyone, regardless of church affiliation, age or status to enjoy the hospitality of the our Lord’s Supper. Holy Communion is offered each week at the Chapel Service and monthly at the Sanctuary Service. Communion is included in our commemoration of Holy Week (the week leading up to the death of Christ), the celebration of Easter (the Day of Christ’s Resurrection) and the Birthday of the Church, called Pentecost.

Generally communion is served in the pews at the Sanctuary and at the altar at the Chapel Service.